Live Scan FingerPrinting & Notary Public @ Liberty 3243 Mission St.
Live Scan FingerPrinting & Notary Public @ Liberty    3243 Mission St. 

LiveScan Fees

Common Fees:

Rolling Fee $25

DOJ Fee $32

FBI Fee $17

Example of common livescan fees:

  • IHSS (In Home Support Services) = $57 total ($32 DOJ + $25 Rolling fee)
  • Record Review = $50 total ($25 DOJ + $25 Rolling fee)
  • Registered Nurse License = $74 total ($32 DOJ + $17 FBI + $25 Rolling fee)

Location and Contact Information:


Live Scan Fingerprinting & Notary Public @ Liberty

3243 Mission Street

San Francisco, CA 94110


LiveScan FingerPrinting and Notary Public @ Liberty

3243 Mission St
94110 San Francisco


It's been so far the cheapest live scan fingerprinting I've done. I was in and out at that time. The scanner could have used gloves while rolling my fingers... more
I recently got my livescan done here. The rep wasn't totally sure what to put in every field in the app, which concerned me slightly but, it still appears... more
This place is conveniently located 0.5 miles away from the Bart. I quickly did my live scan here. The guy gave me it for $20.00! Super cheap! I give this... more
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